Benefits of Using Salesforce to Help Your Business Level Up

Benefits of Salesforce

The customer base is the lifeblood of every business following the B2C model. If you do not maintain an appropriate relationship with them, it is impossible to gain revenues just as you expected or work on the marketing and sales statistics. As a result, your performance will become poorer. This is where a customer relationship management platform like Salesforce comes into play.

Salesforce helps you build and strengthen the connection you share with the customers, ensuring maximum returns in revenues and improved performance. According to recent statistics from Statista, Salesforce recorded annual revenue of approximately $26.49 billion in 2022.

This value clearly states how beneficial this CRM platform is. But the main question is why you should integrate Salesforce with your business. Most people aren’t aware of the benefits of Salesforce for sales reps. As a result, they fail to make the most out of it. Keeping these difficulties in mind, we have illustrated the advantages of Salesforce for your business in the following section.

What are the Main Components of Salesforce?

Salesforce is a comprehensive platform base that acts as an umbrella and covers multiple areas of a business. Following are the main pillars of this platform and its functions.

1. Salesforce Sales Cloud

It is used to manage the relationships with your customers after they reach the last step of the sales funnel and are ready to make the purchase. It also helps you deal with customers who have already made a purchase.

2. Salesforce Marketing Cloud

This department helps you manage the marketing strategies for your business. You can increase your business’s outreach and improve the leads and conversion ratio.

3. Salesforce Analytics Cloud

As the name suggests, the Salesforce Analytics Cloud helps you analyze several datasets about your business, like sales reports, marketing statistics, etc.

4. Salesforce Commerce Cloud

This is mainly used for ecommerce businesses to control the commerce and transactions initiated and completed.

5. Salesforce Service Cloud

The Salesforce Service Cloud will help you manage your business’s service centers through social media, phone, campaigns, etc.

How Does Salesforce Contribute to the Growth of Your Business?

Often business owners ask if is Salesforce profitable or not. The question is valid and should be asked because without knowing its contributions, you shouldn’t invest in this CRM platform. Owing to this, we have shared insights into the top benefits of Salesforce.

1. Automates the Communication Lines

One of the main advantages of Salesforce over other CRMs is the automation of all communication lines associated with your business. You don’t have to sit in front of the computer and manually respond to queries or emails. You can easily customize the communication channels and include some automated replies for generic queries.

This way, you can quickly attend to your customers and build a trustworthy relationship with them. This will also help you prevent resentment and disappointment amongst your customers due to delayed or lack of response.

2. An amazing Analytical Tool

Salesforce is one of the best analytical tools to integrate with your business for report generation and forecasting. It can extract datasets from multiple sources ad use AI-based models to find patterns and trends in the information. Based on the extracted datasets, the tool will generate reports and give you better insights into your business.

For example, the sales report will tell you if the sales have progressed over a certain period or not. You can get started by finding out why sales have declined drastically if it has declined.

3. Keeps Track of Customer Activities

The business must keep track of what its customers are doing. Unless ad until they know about the customer activities, their recent choices, changes in preference, and so on, they won’t be able to take the business to the next level.

This is where Salesforce comes into play. It helps further study customer behavior and understands if any improvement needs to be made in the business sales operations.

For example, most customers used online payment methods last month. So, you can easily integrate more methods to give them the flexibility of paying through their preferred mode.

4. Syncs Datasets from Different Sources

Suppose your business is connected to multiple sources, like social media, email, POS, online ecommerce stores, etc. In that case, there will be a lot of datasets that need to be handled appropriately.

Plus, some of the sets might have common or redundant values. If you extract them simultaneously, the collection will have discrepancies, and several records will be duplicated. This is why you should integrate the CRM platform of Salesforce.

It allows automated synchronization of datasets obtained from different sources. As a result, you won’t have to deal with wrong information, duplicated records, missing values, discrepancies, etc.

5. Customizable and Flexible Features

One of the significant advantages of using the Salesforce platform is the customizable features. For instance, you can customize emails and automated chats to control customer communication.

Similarly, you can customize the thank you note you want to send to the customers after they make the purchase. As a result, you will have more flexibility in optimizing your business operations.

Plus, you won’t have to go into the technical part of customization as the platform manages everything and continues to integrate the customized features within your business.

6. Scalable CRM Platform

The Salesforce CRM platform is highly scalable. You can extend the business features and the integrations according to the requirements of your business websites.

This way, you can easily modify the features and ensure your customers are delighted with what you provide and how you handle the business.


This article explains the advantages of using the Salesforce CRM to take your business operations from 0 to 100. It will help you enhance customer experience and increase customer retention. You won’t have any problem working with the sales department and integrating various channels as Salesforce will take about the synchronization and several other tasks.