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Build smart IoT solutions with the help of the best IoT developers
IOT Development Services

Etelligens is a leading full-stack IoT development company that offers robust IoT solutions with ground-breaking business models. Our IoT development services help to boost performance and organizational dominance while at the same time generating higher market value.

We benefit startups and firms develop technological devices and transform analog products into digital with system software, IoT platforms, and sensors. Our IoT development team creates web, mobile apps, and integrated facilities for IoT solutions.

IoT App Development Advantages

Enjoy the advantages of IoT services and boost your ROI with Etelligens
Enhance Productivity

To enhance productivity, we provide real-time IoT based training to employees, keep them informed, and establish better coordination with clients.

Cost Optimization
Cost Optimization

Our IoT ecosystem provides superior asset utilization that makes things easier to obtain at a minimal expense. It helps users optimize costs by keeping variations in check.

IoT solutions
Real-Time Analytics

Our enterprise-ready IoT solution is a blessing in disguise with real-time analytics. It uncovers the issues with the freedom to fix them any time as per the user’s convenience.

IoT infrastructure support
Track Operations & Assets

Etelligens enhances visibility for resources and provides a chain that permits users to track down and run preventative IoT infrastructure support.

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Enhances User Experience

With IoT enabled devices, we help our customers interact with smart trackers, assist them in tracking their cargo, and process the transaction using smartphones.

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Increased Sales

Sales play a key role in the profitability of any business. IoT opens the door for new business opportunities and helps companies in increasing their sales opted from advanced models and services.

Our IoT Development Services

Stay ahead of the competition with our flexible IoT development services!

Industrial IoT

Etelligens offers a comprehensive range of secure IoT software development services for integrated systems users, from content management engineering, IoT data pipeline structure to developing functional and smart web and mobile applications.


Smart Retail

We encourage users by unlocking the Internet of Things’ potential in retail to get the maximum benefit from their data. By incorporating connected technology and smart insights into the user’s activities, we make the in-store experience an enjoyable experience for them.

Connected IoT

Connected Buildings

Our Connected Buildings services can operate in several areas, including multiple building infrastructure management, access control, and surveillance cameras. We help customers achieve better asset life, cost efficiency, improved comfort for the users, and unified management.

OTA Software

OTA Software

Etelligens is a promising company that updates software and firmware using over the top (OTA) software. We keep ourselves updated with the latest and secure OTA technologies and tools to deliver a bug and risk-free update that benefits users in the best possible way.

Why Etelligens Is The First Choice For Your IoT App Development?

Because we have the right USPs to be counted among the top IoT app development companies in USA & India
IoT Support and Maintenance

IoT Support and Maintenance

Our services are a cost-effective option that covers all aspects of IoT product development and support needs. Our IoT app development team is readily available to assist on-demand issues when they are reported.


IoT Development Consultancy

Being one of the top IoT development companies, we give unparalleled consulting services to our clients. We provide intensive collaboration among professional IoT developers & IT experts.

IoT Testing Services

IoT Testing Services

Our IoT testing services have successfully delivered results to companies from different industries. Our personalized IoT platform and end-to-end security testing resolve security concerns and facilitate excellent efficiency.

IoT Application Development

IoT Application Development

We have extensive expertise in designing and building useful, practical web, and mobile apps that allow users to access the IoT ecosystem that fits their requirements well.

Voice-Enabled Technology Solutions

Voice-Enabled Technology Solutions

We at Etelligens recognize the demand for voice-enabled technology, and subsequently, the need to consolidate this technology into methods to create a seamless and compelling client experience.

IoT Module Development

IoT Module Development

IoT architecture consists of several modules that enable integrating internet things and secure data flow among system components. We reconfigure this framework to specific customer needs.

IoT Gateway Development

IoT Gateway Development

IoT Gateway expansion is such a vital aspect of an enterprise-grade IoT system implementation. Our IoT developers can funnel out the high priority information from the data obtained.

IoT application development

Data Analysis

Our IoT software development team performs insightful data analysis services, including cleaning, data audit, inspection, and data modeling. Our services help you increase sales and stride ahead in business.