Node JS Development Company

Node JS Development Company

Want to use Node.JS to develop a business website or application? Etelligens is here for you!
Nodejs development services

Etelligens is your reliable Node JS development company offering end-to-end Node JS services in migration, consulting and maintenance & support. With a skilled and experienced team, we can develop a state-of-the-art and innovative NodeJS software product for your business or company with a promising performance and assure results in the future.

From an in-built library function sourced from JavaScript to scalable and tracking components, Node.JS is a fully loaded solution that we use to develop intuitive and interactive software. It comes with plenty of features packed for the benefit of the developers.

Node JS Development Services

With our Node JS development company, you can easily take your business from 10 to 100, whether it is through upscaling or adding more new and trending features as per the market demand.
Nodejs api
Node.JS API development and integration

We develop custom Node.JS APIs according to the integration requirements and the third-party tools to be integrated, followed by their implementation.

NodeJS Consultation
Node.JS Consultation

We offer Node JS consulting services to every client, explaining every aspect of the framework, its leverage over other frameworks for backend development, and so on.

NodeJS Microservices
Serverless Node.JS Microservices

We optimize our SDLC workflow for the serverless microservice development process based on the client and business requirements.

NodeJS Development
Dedicated Node.JS Development

We offer a dedicated development team to ensure we can meet our client’s expectations and show them the next-gen software developed on NodeJS from offshore delivery centers.

custom Nodejs development
Custom Node.JS Development

We will ensure our services can help you launch an application or website that can connect you with more audiences on the online platform and make your conversion ratio higher than the previous value.

Node js plugin development
NodeJS Plug-in Development

Our company offers custom plug-in development with the Node.JS framework to scale your existing website or application and add new and trending features.

Nodejs Migration
Node.JS Migration

From migrating data from legacy systems to the development database or merging all data and integrating the same in MDB (Main DataBase), our company is well acquainted with everything that goes into migration.

Types of NodeJS Software We Work On


With years of experience, we have become the best Node JS web development company. So far, we have worked with several clients from different industries and have catered to their needs without hassle.

  • Real-time tracking and monitoring application for innovative city plans
  • Automated booking applications for the transportation industry
  • eCommerce applications with advanced services like drop shipping
  • Integrating the existing software with Amazon Web Service
  • Apps for hospitality management, especially for real-time order tracking and food deliveries

Why hire Etelligens Technologies for Node JS development?


Flexible Hiring Model

Flexible Hiring Model

With our company, you will get a flexible hiring model. You can hire the developers according to your business requirements and then change the team strength based on the budget. We also offer flexible working time to mitigate the gaps between working hours due to time zone.

Flexible Hiring Model

Pricing with Affordability

Our Node JS development services are affordable. You don’t have to break your bank to avail our services. Moreover, we have different pricing plans based on the fixed and dedicated development team model. So, you can customize the team to ensure the pricing is within your affordability.

Flexible Hiring Model

Consistent Performance and Delivery

Our Node JS developers ensure to maintain consistency in quality and performance throughout. The promises and assurance we offer at the beginning of the deal will be on the plate until the end. So, you don’t have to worry about our performance or the quality of the projects we handle.

Flexible Hiring Model

On-demand Scaling and Modifications

With the changing market and consumer demands, updating the website or application is crucial. This is why we take an on-demand scaling request to increase the bandwidth, load handling capacity, or add new features to the website.

Flexible Hiring Model

Years of Experience and Skills

Our developers are highly experienced and have all the skills needed to develop different types of Node.JS applications and websites. Besides, we have gained industry-level experience by working on various projects. Therefore, we assure you our work quality will never be compromised.

Frequently Asked Questions


Due to its single-threaded nature, Node.JS is primarily used for nonblocking, event-driven servers. It's used for back-end APIs and traditional websites but was designed for push-based, real-time architectures.

Python is much slower than Node.JS due to JavaScript, whereas Node.JS is faster thanks to JavaScript. Python is predominantly used for web and desktop applications, whereas Node.JS is suitable for cross-platform applications.

Node JS developers are still in high demand for a good reason, regardless. Social media applications, messaging applications, business tools, online gaming applications, and more are possible with this backend technology.

Node.JS is commonly misunderstood by developers as a backend framework and only used for servers. Node.JS is a front-end and a back-end framework, so this isn't true.

Many compile-to-JS languages are available, but JavaScript is the only one supported natively by Node.JS. Thus, NodeJS applications can be written in JavaScript, Dart, TypeScript, ClojureScript, etc