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What Is Golang?


Golang or Go is an open-source programming language that makes reliable and straightforward software by generating compiled machine code binaries. The Go programming language is statically typed and comes with tools that allow you to use memory, handle objects, and support concurrency.

Golang Features for Your Project

Golang renders fast, reliable, and efficient applications and is hands down a better choice for all your upcoming web projects.


Go creates binaries for your applications that provide all dependencies. It eliminates the need for installing runtimes that are needed for your application to run.

Language Design

The language's creators made a deliberate effort to keep Go’s programming language clear and easily understandable.

Package Management

Go incorporates a modern developer's workflow for collaborating with Open Source projects and handling external packages.

Static Typing

Since Go is a statically typed language, the programmer works hard to ensure that the code compiles correctly and handles other conversions and compatibility types.

Robust Library

Go is a relatively simple programming language that was created with a clean and simple approach in mind. Most material, like a web server, is included in the standard library.

Our Golang Development Services

Etelligens, as one of the leading Golang development companies, offers systematic end-to-end services for developing the definitive business-ready applications and revamping the web-based application development process.

Golang Integration

Work with expert Golang developers who can integrate front-end and back-end technologies with cloud architectures for better scalability.

Golang Web Development

Work out the best web solutions on the Golang framework with our Golang experts. Choose Golang web developments for unmatched efficiency.

Golang Consulting

Overcome the stepping stones of strategy with our Golang consultants' help, evaluating concepts and challenges to make the right choices.

Cloud Application Development

Tackle complex cloud applications by working on Golang cloud app development and build seamless concurrent applications with our experts.

Microservices Development

Build high-quality microservices using our Golang development services for better performance when it comes to application extensions.

Golang Support & Maintenance

Maintain your Golang web and app solutions tirelessly with our support and maintenance services to stay ahead of the competition and trends.

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Our talented Golang developers are updated with the modern Golang developments and frameworks. Hire our experts today to develop highly scalable and de pendable smartphones and web applications.

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