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Get to build user-friendly and flexible websites with our PHP development services!
PHP Development services

Etelligens is a leading IT Company with a good rank as a custom PHP development company with a team of expert web designers and developers. We are capable of executing various web tasks efficiently and developing websites from scratch using PHP. Our PHP developers can build your websites, web applications, and portals by integrating user-friendly features in the lowest time consumption.

We only believe in delivering robust PHP solutions for web development; hence Etelligens is the ultimate tech point where your business can get confirmed for its shortest success path.

Why Etelligens for PHP Development Services?

PHP is a significant language, and you wouldn’t want to work on your dream project with just anyone, right?.
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Best Results in the Shortest Time

Get user-friendly and highly functional websites, web apps, and portals developed in the shortest time frame with our custom PHP development.

Responsive Web Application Development

Appealing Web Design

Find your PHP websites, portals, and apps developed with visually impressive functional features.

Functional testers

Work with the Right People

Consult with the best PHP developers who follow proven agile methodologies and best coding practices. 

Web Development

Custom Solutions for You

Benefit from our expertise in custom PHP development and create websites, specific programs, e-commerce portals, and other such PHP development solutions.

Why Choose PHP for Web Development?

PHP programming language has been amongst us for the past 25 years and is still gaining popularity by every minute for web development.

Easily Adaptable

Flexible and dynamic since it is an encrypted language.


Integrates with CMSes

Easily integrable to most of the Content Management Systems (CMS).


Better Functionality

Carries a highly extensive list of core functionality such as cross-platform adaptability, secure web apps, multi-browser compatibility, and so on.


Easy to Customize

An open-source scripting language making it easy for customizing codes and cheaper than other programming languages.


Adapts Popular Frameworks

Can integrate with effective frameworks such as Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend, and Phalcon to build highly complex applications and websites.


Works on Major Operating Systems

Runs on many operating systems such as Linux, Mac, Windows, and UNIX.


Best Database Library

Has immense database support, including dBase, MySQL, InterBase, FrontBase, SQLite, and IBMDB2, among others.


Compatible with Worldwide Servers

Supports significant web servers such as Netscape, XAMPP, LAMP, Microsoft IIS, Apache, iPlanet server, personal web server, and more.

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers from Etelligens

Boost the quality of your website development with the right professionals.

To get the best PHP development services, you need to know that the company you hire has dedicated PHP developers.
Well, let us tell you how good our PHP developers are then:

  • Follow Agile Development
  • Work with Flexible Engagement Models
  • Full Stack Development Capability
  • Expert of MVC Pattern
  • Provide timely Support & Maintenance
  • Deliver Fast, Flexible, and Cost-effective solution
  • Capable of giving a multilingual Support
  • Help in securing backups & on-time delivery

Frequently Asked Questions


PHP can run on multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, etc., and is compatible with almost all the servers used worldwide. It is an open-source scripting language and easy to learn as well.

In addition to soft skills, PHP developers need to have a working knowledge of MySQL, JQuery, and Ajax. A strong understanding of MVC Framework Architecture, Unix/Linux, PHPUnit, etc., can be a plus point. Etelligens' PHP developers are full-stack developers who also know HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Yes, PHP is still very much popular in 2021 because it is easy to learn and has one of the largest communities of users and codes. It can be easily deployed and has prompt development-to-release cycles. Two powerful platforms, WordPress and Drupal, use PHP for web development.

It depends on what sort of service you are working with because Python is widely used in AI, data science, and other scientific communities. On the other hand, PHP language is usually the first choice for web development as it is a faster programming language than Python.

Java and PHP both are modular platforms that are available partly free and partly with non-free licenses. PHP is mostly used for small applications, while Java is used for larger web applications, with both being equally better.