Cloud Testing Company

Cloud Testing Company


Cloud testing is a form of software testing in which web applications and software control under cloud computing environments. Cloud testing has today become one of those “big bangs” in the industry. Most organizations are now leaning to adopting the cloud because of its scalability, flexibility and reduced costs. Similarly, Etelligens provides cloud testing services for cloud solutions, Software cloud Testing to make sure that the delivery of such computing services as analytics, networking, software, databases, storage is possible over the Internet.

Benefits of Cloud Testing Services

Flexible Service Package to Fit Your Needs
Cost-Effective Testing


Custom Testing

Custom Testing


Agile Development


Enhanced Scalability

Cloud Testing

Expanded Reliability

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Instant Software Updates

Storage Capacity Testing

Unlimited Storage Capacity

Tools We Adopt in Cloud Testing Services

Cloud Based Testing Tools
HP LoadRunner
Microsoft Azure

Why Choose Etelligens for Cloud Testing?

Cloud Based Software Testing Company

Cloud Based Software Testing

 We as an experienced and successful cloud testing company  help you define an effective strategy to test the cloud so that you can address all the pitfalls and challenges.

Software Cloud Testing Company

We adopt this end-to-end approach to ensure high-quality all the aspects of cloud implementation.

mobile app cloud testing

We provide skilled and qualified mobile app cloud testing group, that assures cloud Testing Services is carried out accurately and precisely.

application monitoring services

We assist our clients by testing their application monitoring services across private clouds, likewise CloudSigma Rackspace, and Virtacore, VM backup. In fact, our testing procedure mainly focused on the reliability of enterprises and developing performance.

Cloud testing applications services

We deliver the best quality faster app cloud testing services and reduces the business risk.

Software Cloud Testing

We ensure data integrity and ‘anywhere and anytime’ accessibility through enterprise-class secure, redundant and available infrastructure with 24×7 operation.