How To Hire An On-Demand Android App Developer?

Hire Android App Developers

Over the decade, the need for on-demand services has skyrocketed a lot. According to the present scenario, most businesses transform their modus operandi to live up to the pace and meet customer demands quickly.

Be it a transport service company or a grocery delivery shop, almost every business needs to have an on-demand application to avail themselves of the services efficiently.

According to a survey conducted recently, it is expected that the on-demand market is going to have a $335 billion valuation by the end of 2025.

Thus, with such a diverse market and magnificent opportunities, you must hire android app developers who can handle the on-demand projects quickly and flawlessly. Seeing how overwhelming this task can be, we have crafted a list of factors you must consider to have the best professional for your company.

5 Things to Consider Before Hiring an On-demand Application Developer

1. Should have proper knowledge about android development

You need to look for well-experienced professionals working on android apps. They must be aware of the technologies used like Java, C++, JavaScript, Node JS, HTML, etc.

If the professional doesn’t have in-depth knowledge about android development, there is no way they will deliver the top performance. Thus, you should start looking for professionals having experience in android mobile app development.

2.  Verify the past projects being done

While hiring the android developers, make sure to cross verify the projects they have handled previously. For example, suppose they have developed some top-notch mobile apps beforehand.

In that case, you can ask them about the concept, the development processes they have followed, along with their expertise in fixing bugs and effects.

With all these pieces of information, you can understand whether the concerned professional will be the right choice for your project or not. For example, let’s assume that the developer you are interviewing knows only backend development. Such a professional won’t suit your project because on-demand services are related to UI and UX more.

3.  Questioning about their on-field skills is important

If the professional has on-field experience, make sure to ask about the skills they have developed.

For example, it is the responsibility of every developer to perform unit testing on the module being developed. Therefore, if someone is not aware of unit testing, choosing Android app developers won’t do you any good.

Based on your professional skills, you can ask the following questions:

    • The time to be taken for developing a simple, functional code from scratch
    • The level of business understanding and clarification about requirements
    • Ability to decide the platform to be used for on-demand mobile app development
    • Ability to run the initial unit testing on the developed modules
    • The extent of knowledge regarding front end development

4.  Must be familiar with open-source development platforms

Open source platforms are best for on-demand mobile app development since these platforms will allow a developer to work on the in-built codes. They can update, modify, and even add a few more statements to customize the code according to the project’s functional requirement.

So, you need to look for android app developers near me who have worked on open source platforms earlier and know how to modify the native codes for the concerned application.

As the on-demand apps are robust and need quick changes, using a hardcore coding platform is not ideal, which is why you must use the open-source platforms to finish the job.

5.  Should know the on-demand marketing trends

With the changing market trends, you need to keep up with the pace so that the developed on-demand application is not obsolete by any means. Hence, look for on-demand app developers who have knowledge of these trends and how to use them for improving your app’s functionality and performance.

For example, online payment solutions, a high level of user security, wallet management, and so on are new trends that will make your application more attractive and appealing.

5 Benefits of Having an On-demand Application for Your Business

The benefits of having an on-demand app for your business are diverse. But here, we will introduce only the main points that can prove to be highly beneficial.

1- You can scale an on-demand app both horizontally and vertically to accommodate new and upgraded business functionalities. There is no need to change the codes all over again.

2- Most on-demand apps offer easy booking so that even non-tech-savvy customers can use them for their convenience.

3- Analyzing and forecasting market trends and revenues for a business is much easier with these on-demand platforms.

4- You will be able to read and understand the shifts in user behaviorism and accordingly introduce changes in the app.

5- With the on-demand application, you can make a dominating presence in the digital market.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the factors discussed above, there are certain minor aspects too that you must consider, like android app developers’ hourly rate, their soft communication skills, presence of mind, and so on. These qualities are essential because a professional can only deliver outstanding performances if knowledge, experience, and passion for on-demand apps.