Top 10 Vue JS Development Companies

Top 10 Vue JS development companies

JavaScript frameworks are at the core of highly functional websites and applications. A JavaScript front-end framework for creating single-page web applications, Vue JS is popular for creating single-page applications and user interfaces.

The simplicity, user-friendly features, integration, customization, and dedicated support make it necessary to impanel with the leading Vue JS development companies.

So, here are our top ten picks for quick association with the top tech giants offering Vue JS development.

1.   Artezio

It is one of the leading Vue JS development companies specializing in consulting services, mobile app development services, real-time application services, web app development services, etc.

Artezio is the first preference for real-time app development, web apps, mobile apps development, maintenance, and support services based on Vue JS. The secret of the company’s success is third-party integrations, data analysis tools, and detailed portal development.

2.   Etelligens Technologies

The company offers Vue JS development solutions to diverse clients like finance, retail, healthcare, etc. The leading services of Etelligens Technologies include portal development solutions, data analysis tools, maintenance, up-gradation, real-time application development, single-page application development, custom application development, and platform migration services.

3.   eSparkBiz

If you’re looking for Vue JS developers for custom application development, single-page application development, native mobile apps development, SSR with Vue, Nuxt.JS, real-time app development, and Vue.JS migration services, eSparkBiz is the perfect company.

The company has partnered with global clients to offer advanced and comprehensive web applications based on Vue JS.

4.   Magneto IT Solutions

If you’re looking for the Vue JS development companies, which offer multiple services under one roof, Magneto IT Solutions is the perfect solution. It offers Vue.js component development, Vue.js data migration services, Vue.js eCommerce solutions, Vue.js data analysis tools, Vue.js interactive UI/UX development, and Vue.js enterprise solutions.

It is also into Vue.js maintenance, support, Vue.js portal development, custom Vue.js development, Vue.js real-time application development, single page application development, and Vue.js web application development services.

5.   Techuz

The company has more than eight years of experience delivering Vue JS development solutions. The top services of Techuz include single-page applications, real-time web apps, progressive web apps, API integration services, portal migration, redesigning, and Vue JS consulting services.

The powerful combination of Vue JS with ReactJS, NodeJS, Laravel, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, etc., is available on fixed pricing and a pay-per-time basis. The company’s success lies in Vue-router 3.0+, Vuex for state management, Vuex-persist to Persist/Rehydrate state, Flow/TypeScript with Vue, and Vue-dev tools for debugging.

6.   Mind Inventory

The company offers a range of services, including portal development, real-time app development, platform migration, custom app development, maintenance, up-gradation, single-page app development, front-end development, etc. Over 1600 clients and 100 million dollars in investments have been made through them.

The team’s developers adopt an agile methodology that smoothens Vue JS development’s integral and transparent working. In addition, the flexible engagement models ensure dedicated Vue JS development solutions with high levels of customer satisfaction. Not only this, but the company is also into AngularJS, ReactJS, MeteorJS, and BackboneJS services.

7.   XB Software

The company offers a variety of Vue JS development solutions, including tailor-made Vue JS web services, intuitive dashboard development services, interactive SPA development services, application modernization, and migration services. Hence, whether it is any type of Vue JS development, it is easy for businesses to seek the professional help of XB software.

The top clientele list of the company includes different clients from healthcare, e-learning solutions, educational software, media, entertainment, retail, e-commerce, BFSI, logistics, and transportation. The top benefits of XB Software include a dedicated development and testing team.

8.   Scand

Professionals at the company provide front-end development, web application development, and staff augmentation. It is well-known for high-performing, relevant, and cost-effective services. The qualified IT specialists with an unmistakable English accent and trusted technology partners ensure that the company can offer global Vue JS development solutions.

The long list of the company’s clients includes the leading Fortune 500 companies and startups. In addition, Scand is famous for delivering comprehensive solutions to different segments like logistics, gaming, entertainment, eCommerce, finance, media, etc.

9.   TechMagic

The company is known for offering various Vue JS development solutions like real-time app development, custom app development, SPA development, and web app development. Likewise, the company provides migration and component development services, as well as maintenance and support services.

The best engineers of the Vue JS development team offer modern solutions and improve the existing products. The up-to-date solutions from TechMagic include high-end tools and the latest updates for seamless applications based on Vue JS.

10.  Peerbits

The company offers quick virtual development teams for all Vue JS development requirements of any project. So whether it is about project outsourcing, augmenting teams, or upscaling the development capabilities, Peerbits can manage all.

The company brings the right people into the virtual development team for different clients and offers sprint planning for Vue JS development. The decoupled codes further iterate the implementation process to deliver incremental values. In addition, the standups and demos ensure that clients are never stuck in in-service issues.

So, have you made up your mind for the ideal Vue JS development company for your application or user interface requirements? It is easy to get connected to the top service provider with the help of our list of the top 10 Vue JS development companies.