Ecommerce Marketplace Development

eCommerce Marketplace Development

With personalized eCommerce marketplace solutions, get the upper hand in the ever-changing eCommerce marketplace landscape.
ecommerce Marketplace Development services
Multi-Vendor Marketplace Development Services!

As a leading ecommerce marketplace development company, we build a highly intuitive user interface and user experience that fits your business ideas.

We offer a custom ecommerce marketplace platform that enables startups and established businesses to enter new markets, reduce time-to-market, compete more effectively, deliver value, and stimulate business growth.

Our fully customized multi vendor marketplace development services enable eCommerce businesses of all sizes to rapidly and economically launch and operate markets, with an emphasis on giving you complete control over your eCommerce store’s operations.

Types of Marketplaces We Cater To

  • Performance Center Online Retail Store

    We offer a great marketplace to vendors by creating visually appealing storefronts, managing customer accounts, and maintaining product directories, among other services.

  • Performance Center Multi-Vendor Marketplace

    Once eCommerce development and marketplace design are complete, many critical features for managed marketing, promotions, and lead conversion become available. In addition, we offer assistance for the CDN database and advanced CMS.

  • Performance Center B2B eCommerce Platform

    We connect the B2B eCommerce site to eCommerce development and marketplaces by developing client quote comparison modules and managing lead form generation.

  • Performance Center C2C E-commerce Platform

    Our C2C marketplace apps include highly tailored features and an engaging user interface for buyers and sellers despite the setbacks linked with C2C.

  • Performance Center eCommerce For Auctions

    We design timed bids, interactive bidding, forward and backward listings, administer bidding strategies, and run pre-auction promotions.

eCommerce Development Services

Successful eCommerce Implementation

We ensure that your store includes the necessary functionality for all users. In addition, we take a comprehensive approach to developing, installing, and launching your store.

Seamless Data Migration

Whether upgrading or migrating your shop, Etelligens ensures all your data is securely saved on our servers until the migration is complete.

Personalized System Configuration

We take the time to understand your business requirements to design a unique and personalized shop based on your ideas and aims.

Integrate Multiple Platforms

We link your store effortlessly with third-party applications, including content management systems, enterprise resource planning, and more.

Store Management Solutions

Our skilled developers take all necessary steps to ensure that your store has administration features such as customer profiles, groups, accounts, refunds, and awards.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Shoppers use eCommerce marketplaces to browse, compare prices, and purchase things more conveniently than ever. As an eCommerce vendor, you can earn a commission with each sale using the eCommerce marketplace business model.

Vendors need to register in their business using a robust eCommerce marketplace. Once the vendor's request is approved, they can easily manage their products and begin selling.

Having multiple vendors in your eCommerce store is an excellent way to provide your clients with a diverse selection of products. Don’t worry about the feature list, as we've integrated all of the powerful features imperative to impress your customers.

The eCommerce marketplace connects customers and merchants, permitting the direct sale of goods and services to a pre-established customer base. An eCommerce platform, on the contrary, is nothing more than an online store for a vendor.

When establishing an online marketplace, you may hit a snag while selecting the right platform and attracting a suitable audience. To overcome these impediments, we offer a simple solution for quickly launching an online eCommerce platform.