What Platform Is Best For AI & ML Chatbot Development Using Java?

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Chatbot usage has increased over a period because it has presented a new wave of automation. It has become the irreplaceable tool for apps and websites. It also helps you to scale up your business cycle.

Using artificial intelligence, these chatbots help the users to complete their tasks by identifying them from text or voice conversation.

The future of Chatbots will be great because between 2016 to 2021; the chatbots market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 35.2%.

Therefore many businesses are trying to launch their bots in the market. But the main concern is choosing a platform for the development of boats.

Although there are plenty of chatbots platforms, that’s why businesses get confused about what will suit them best.

Why Prefer Java for Chatbot Development?

Java is an object-oriented programming language. Because of its portability, it is an ideal choice for chatbot development. Moreover, it has been a popular language for decades.

With its portable size, it also provides an in-built garbage collection facility. The best part is it has an easy coding algorithm with advanced features. That’s why Java is one of the most preferred languages for chatbot development.

Below listed best three chatbot platforms using Java:

  • Dialogflow: It is a mature bot creation platform which uses information like annotations, context, etc. They help to match the queries of users to a suitable intent. Plus it supports 14 languages. It has SDKs for iOS, Android, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, Unity, C++, Botkit, HTML, Cordova, Xamarin, Node.js, Epson Moverio and .NET.
  • Pandorabots: It uses the Artificial intelligence markup language. And it also includes a natural language processing chatbot which is The Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity (A.L.I.C.E). It provides SDKs for Python, Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby and Go.
  • IBM Watson Assistant: It is the leading chatbot development framework used by B2C and B2B businesses. Offers SDKs using Java, Unity, iOS, Python and Node. It is used in diagnostic medicine, especially in cancer research. In the retail and banking sectors, it also has a vast usage within customer support.

Bottom Line

With this rapid growth, chatbots are gaining popularity. Although all the programming languages have a capacity of building the most sophisticated and powerful AI Chatbots, all of them have different requirements. Therefore it is necessary to choose the right language and framework according to your project needs.

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